September 2012 Meeting – Game Engines for MS developers

September 2012 Meeting – Game Engines for MS developers

Tronster Hartley
Speaker: Tronster Hartley

Topic: Game Engines

RSVP: Meetup

Location: 338 Clubhouse Road Hunt Valley, MD 21031

Date: Wednesday, September 19th, networking begins at 6:30

“Game Engines” are a type of middleware that game studios and simulations based business leverage to provide an excellent product at a reduced cost. Tronster will break down how there has come to be a proliferation of game engines in the billion dollar game industry, as well as explain how these expensive systems can easily be utilized by programmers familiar with Microsoft technologies.

Bio :
For over a decade, Tronster, a native Baltimore developer & electronic artist, has utilize Microsoft technologies in architecting solutions for Educational, Medical, and consumer based software. In recent years he’s been focused in the game development sector; having worked on EA’s “Command and Conquer” franchise, as well as lead the creation of the UI framework for Firaxis’s anticipated XBOX, PS3, and PC game “X-COM: Enemy Unknown.” When not working on a AAA title, Tronster is either teaching game development concepts at UB & UMBC, or is spending time building the local indie game scene with his own studio “Geek House Games”.

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